Conspiracy Mechanics

Dynasties and Demagoges

Dynasties and Demagogues

Author Chris Aylott
Publisher Atlas Games
Publish date 2003
OGL Section 15 dynasties

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The first job of any conspiracy to overthrow a tyrant is to avoid the attention of the secret police. This isn’t easy. Any secret police that challenges a group of PCs is certain to be run by a ruthless and intelligent chief.

Each month that a conspiracy against the government is active, the GM should make a Gather Information check for the chief of the secret police. The basic DC is 15, but this can be adjusted upward if the conspiracy takes any or all of the following precautions:

DC Precaution
+5 No overt action in the last month
+5 Three or fewer members at any meeting in the last month
+5 The conspiracy has less than 10 members
+2 The conspiracy has between 10 and 25 members
+2 The conspiracy has a simple and subtle code system

If the chief of the secret police succeeds at the Gather Information check, the secret police investigates the conspiracy. Agents shadow the conspirators and interview the people who associate with them.

The chief makes another Gather Information check after 1d4+1 weeks of active investigation. This time the DC is 10, plus the modifiers above. If the chief succeeds, then she has gathered enough information about the conspiracy to take action — usually rounding up the conspiracy leaders or setting a trap for the conspiracy.

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