Pain Domain

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Pain Domain

Demon Prince: Azidahaka, Demogorgon, Lord of Many Forms.
Granted Power: Your intimate knowledge of weaponry grants you the extraordinary ability to land especially painful blows on your enemies. You gain a reservoir of extra damage equal to your levels in thaumaturge. You may distribute these points as you wish, but only applicable to your melee or ranged attacks. You must declare the use of this ability and the amount of extra damage desired before making the attack roll. You receive a new allotment of extra damage each time you replenish your spells.

Pain Domain Spells

1 Chill touch
2 Inflict moderate wounds
3 Vampiric touch
4 Poison
5 Slay living
6 Harm
7 Destruction
8 Symbol of pain
9 Horrid wilting

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