Totem Animal Spirit: Rage

The Quintessential Barbarian II

The Quintessential Barbarian II first edition cover

Author Patrick Younts
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2004
OGL Section 15 qbbnii

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Animals who embody this trait are powerful warriors, capable of slaying animals much larger than they, by virtue of their unstoppable fury. Wolverine is a totem animal with this trait, as is Shrew.
Domains: Death, Destruction
Minor Boon: The duration of the barbarian’s rage is extended by one round.
Sacrificial Boon: The barbarian’s rage cannot be ended by any spell, such as calm emotion, or spell-like effect and he gains the ability to cast cause fear once per day.
Tribal Boon: Every member of the tribe gains a +2 bonus to Intimidate skill checks and the tribe’s chief, or tribal champion gains the ability to cast rage, as the spell, except that all warriors of the tribe within a 50-foot radius of the chief, or champion are affected.

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